Reliable Ohio Transportation Lawyers at Beery & Spurlock Co., L.P.A.

Reputable Columbus transportation attorneys Michael Spurlock and Eric W. Beery at Beery & Spurlock Co., L.P.A.  have nearly 40 years of experience defending trucking companies, self-insured transportation firms and transportation insurers as well as their insureds in almost every type of litigation. Additionally, the firm’s transportation lawyers have tried cases at all levels of state and federal courts in Ohio.

Beery & Spurlock Co., L.P.A.  handles many aspects of transportation law, including:_

  • Accident investigation
  • Administrative hearings
  • Tort defense
  • Intentional tort claim defense
  • Freight claims
  • Defense of criminal and traffic matters

Columbus transportation lawyers you can trust

The Columbus transportation lawyers at Beery & Spurlock Co., L.P.A.  are highly skilled in a wide range of matters surrounding transportation law. They represent motor carriers and shippers in cargo claims as well as Carmack Amendment suits. In addition, the firm’s transportation lawyers have represented trucking companies in regulatory matters such as challenging reporting requirements for the Bureau of Transportation Statistics. They also routinely assist truck drivers in the defense of traffic citations.

An attentive Ohio transportation law firm

The Columbus transportation lawyers of Beery & Spurlock Co., L.P.A.  fully embrace each case with an individualized focus. The attention they give each of their clients uncovers leveraging details and unique information which can yield a strong case. In addition, the firm’s attorneys conduct extensive research and fully evaluate each case to determine the key arguments that drive successful resolutions.

Cases pertaining to the defense of transportation and trucking accident claims can be ambiguous and difficult to analyze. Beery & Spurlock Co., L.P.A.’s attorneys ensure that every detail is noted and taken into consideration to aid in the formulation of effective case strategy.

Transportation attorneys available to help in central Ohio

Call Beery & Spurlock Co., L.P.A. at 614-228-8575 ext. 105 or contact the firm online to make your appointment. Beery & Spurlock Co., L.P.A. serves clients in Columbus and throughout Delaware, Fairfield and Franklin counties in Ohio.